Tender-Tuffs Wiggly Jelly Fish Plush Toy for Small and Medium Dogs

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Wiggly Jelly Fish is a small interactive tug toy that crinkles and squeaks, keeping your dog busy for hours. 

  • ENGAGING! This Wiggly Jelly Fish tug toy for dogs has legs made of crinkle material so you can play tug-of-war with your dog
  • SQUEAKS! This squeaky dog toy has a puncture-resistant squeaker to keep your pup engaged for hours of fun
  • REVOLUTIONARY! This adorable tug play toy is made with TearBlok Technology to extend your dog’s playtime
  • PERFECT SIZE! This tough dog toy is the perfect size for small to medium dogs of all life stages
  • DOES THE TRICK! This interactive plush dog toy enhances the relationship between you and your dog

Tender-tuffs dog toys are for every pet parent who wants a plush squeaky dog toy their pet will love to play with that lasts longer than a day. 

Made with TearBlok Technology, tender-tuffs are soft, strong, and last long! Tender-tuffs plush dog toys are available in a variety of categories including tug, ball, crinkle, no squeak dog toys, large breed, small breed, fetch, and more. We have the perfect toy to fit your dog’s individual style of play.

Tender-tuffs are intended for tough play but are not meant as a chew toy. When choosing a stuffed dog toy for your dog, remember to consider their activity level and size. As with all pet toys, please supervise your dog when playing with their tender-tuffs.

8" High X 4.5" Wide

Product Values

Made With TearBlok Technology
We have our own fabric called TearBlok that makes our toys special. This dual layer fabric is both super strong and extra soft. No other dog toy has it!

Puncture-Resistant Squeaker
This soft and fuzzy squeaky dog toy has a puncture-resistant squeaker to keep your pup engaged for hours of fun! Tender-Tuffs are strong, and last long!

Designed For Small Dogs
This tough dog toy is perfect for small dogs!

Easy Grab
The curved center allows your dog to easily grab the toy for hours of fun!

Does your dog tear through squeaky toys?

TearBlok Technology provides toughness and durability to keep your dog entertained for hours!

Wiggly Jelly Fish is a small interactive tug toy that crinkles and squeaks, keeping your dog busy for hours. The jelly fish is the perfect size for small and medium dogs and includes a puncture-resistant squeaker. Made with TearBlok Technology, the jelly fish is durable and will keep your dog entertained for hours.

Featured Reviews

Oh, Snuggle Puppy Tender-Tuffs Easy Grab - Wiggly Jellyfish Stuffed Plush Toy... you are winning the contest: my puppy hasn't destroyed you and it's been a couple of weeks since I gave you to her! This is impressive. Seriously, this seems a high quality, enjoyable puppy toy.
Bette Blue
This is cute. My dog loves it (though she's easy to please). It seems like it'd be pretty durable. If a toy doesn't get ruined within the first 2 days with her I give it credit for durability as she's tough on toys. Nice materials. I'd recommend.
10wk old Sheppard/Yellow Lab, Ladybelle, has really taken to this toy. She carries it through the house tossing it into the air and then barking at it. She tried to drown it in her water bowl this morning but saved it and carried it back to her kennel to give it intense mouth to mouth for about an hour! It's wet but not a hole in it!!! I'm sold! Greatest toy for a teething puppy ever!!!

Tender-Tuffs are strong and last long!

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