Alleviate anxiety to provide comfort and calm.

For over two decades Snuggle Puppy® has successfully reduced stress and anxiety for hundreds of thousands of pets.

We design our products to speak to your pet’s natural instincts.

Alleviate anxiety to provide comfort and calm.

The Original Snuggle Puppy® and Snuggle Puppy HERO™ are designed to naturally calm, helping reduce anxiety, stress, or overstimulation.

Our Story

Snuggle Puppy® was created in 1997 by a young breeder who originally was looking to help her litter of puppies’ transition to their new homes. She saw how effective Snuggle Puppy® was and decided to expand the line to help as many puppies as possible.

Through the years, Snuggle Puppy® has evolved and expanded its product line. Stronger stitching, new designs, better material, improved Real-Feel Heartbeats®, and longer-lasting heat packs are just a few of the improvements made over the past two decades. During this time, Snuggle Kitty was developed that has saved thousands of orphaned kittens lives, along with a line of plush dog toys, must-have products for new puppies, and more.

Today, Snuggle Puppy® has been approved for human use and all of the materials are 100% safe for both people and pets, a testament to the quality you receive when purchasing a Snuggle Puppy®.

Rave Reviews

Consistently ranked as Amazon’s #1 Best Seller for Plush Dog Toys, Snuggle Puppy® constantly receives great reviews from our customers. We love hearing the wonderful stories of how our product has helped both pet parent and pet through the challenges they are facing. Snuggle Puppy® has even helped animals other than dogs and cats, including bears, minks, squirrels, wolves, otters, and many more.

Since its creation, Snuggle Puppy® has become a much-needed friend for hundreds of thousands of pets.

Our Values

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Hudson doesn't really care about toys. He has about 20 different stuffed animals we've accumulated over the years, but he only plays and cuddles with one: His Snuggle Puppy.


With a pulsing heart and a heat pack, your dog can snuggle up next to this toy for some additional comfort.


Inspired by how puppies are soothed by the presence of their
mother, the Snuggle Puppy simulates a heartbeat and emits physical warmth so dogs don't feel alone.


This Snuggle Puppy provides comfort and makes sure your pup
never feels alone, especially while crate training.


Product-wise, I've pulled out my trusty Snuggle Puppy, a product I generally suggest to new puppy and kitten owners transitioning their pets to their new home -- it's a stuffed animal with a heating pad and heart-beat ticker that feels like Mom.


Crate training dogs isn't always easy. Getting your pet to adjust to their new home may take some time, so why not make it as comfortable as possible?

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Customer Stories

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We have had Gigi, a miniature Labradoodle, for a little over a month now and she gets so sad when we leave her alone. I finally bought her a snuggle puppy and I had to share this photograph with you! She absolutely loves it and has already snuggled right up to it. I cannot wait to see how she continues to do with it! Thank you!
Courtney D.
Just had to share this cute photo of Daisy (8 weeks) with her Snuggle Puppy. Daisy has been with us 3 nights so far and has slept through the night each year with the comfort of her Snuggle Puppy. Just wanted to say thanks!!
Amy M
I just wanted to thank you guys so much again. Our volunteers were so thrilled to get the snuggle kitties! Two pictures below to show you how happy the kittens we rescued are with them.
Katherine C.

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