Safeguarding the Authenticity and Quality of our Products

At Snuggle Puppy®, we take immense pride in the creation of our innovative products, and our unwavering commitment lies just as much in the wellbeing and happiness of pets, pets’ owners, children, and their parents, as in the satisfaction of our customers and the guarantee of an optimal experience for all.


Like many other successful products, our Snuggle Puppy® plush toys are sometimes sold by unauthorized third-party resellers who acquire goods from various, and often unverified sources, with the aim of reselling them on Amazon, Walmart, or other online marketplaces without authorization from the brand. In view of these actions, it was crucial to raise our customers’ awareness of the potential risks when purchasing from such resellers and how to identify them.

Please beware that these third-party resellers are not authorized by our company to sell our products online. All Snuggle Puppy® products are sold by us and through a network of carefully selected authorized sellers, and from and under our house brand only. When it comes to eCommerce sites and online marketplaces, as set forth in our MAP Policy and Online Sales Guidelines, only our company sells its Snuggle Puppy® products on these platforms, and any other resellers are expressly prohibited to do so.

We have invested significant time, expertise, and resources to create the finest products and protect the value and reputation of our brands. While some products offered by unauthorized dealers may be genuine, many others may be counterfeits, gray market goods, used or defective goods, substandard or damaged items, and more. Regardless of the nature of the products being resold by such independent third-party resellers, they are not authorized sellers of Snuggle Puppy®.

Our company also provides an exclusive limited warranty which covers a variety of our Snuggle Puppy® products purchased either directly from us on our official website or webpages, or from our authorized resale partners. Given the uncertainty as to the nature of the products sold by unauthorized resellers, the latter being out of our dealer network, they are not entitled to this Snuggle Puppy limited warranty and their products are therefore not covered.


We encourage you to use our Where To Buy page to locate official vendors. If you are unable to find information about a seller, its authorized status, or its relationship with our company, it is likely that it is unauthorized. For any additional questions or concerns in this matter, feel free to reach out to us at Should you wish to become a Snuggle Puppy resale partner, please do not hesitate to visit our Snuggle Puppy Wholesale page.

By purchasing from us and our authorized sellers, you actively take part in our mission to provide end users with authentic and quality Snuggle Puppy® products, and great perks!

Thank you for your loyalty and support – The Snuggle Puppy team.