SodaPup Corn on the Cob Ultra Durable Dog Chew Toy

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Who doesn’t love to bite into a big cob of corn? This durable nylon chew toy can stand up to the abuse of aggressive chewers! Smear peanut butter in the crevices to keep your dog occupied for hours. It will slow down eating and keep your dog stimulated and entertained.

  • The corn on the cob toy is designed to withstand the abuse of most "aggressive" dogs.  
  • Smear peanut butter into the cavities on the back of the toy to give your dog a treat and keep them entertained.
  • Reduces problem chewing, helps reduce boredom, and relieves separation anxiety.
  • Proudly keeping jobs in America! Designed and manufactured in the USA!
  • Veterinarian Approved!

7" High X 2.25" Wide

Product Values

Made from durable, nylon. This corn on the cob chew toy is made for aggressive chewers.

Complex Pattern
Complex corn pattern extends licking time.

Dishwasher Safe
The corn on the cob chew toy can be washed in you dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Promotes Healthy Teeth And Gums!
The nylon helps to clean teeth and gums.

How It Works

This A-maize-ing Chew Toy Will Keep Your Dog Occupied For Hours!

The Corn On The Cob Chew Toy is made from durable nylon that can withstand aggressive chewers and has a holder for spreadable foods like peanut butter to keep your pup occupied for hours! The Corn On The Cob Toy reduces problem chewing, helps reduce boredom, and relieves separation anxiety.

Our Story

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