Earth Day is almost here! On April 22, we take the time to appreciate our planet and spend some time outdoors. While you’re celebrating Earth Day, your dog can celebrate with you.

Spending time with your dog outside is proven to lower your stress levels and blood pressure levels. There are many ways you can enjoy the great outdoors with your dog on Earth Day. Looking for some ideas? Here are just a few!

Two Dogs Running In Dog Park

Visit your local dog park

Interacting and socializing with other dogs is important for your dog’s mental health. They can chase and run with their furry-friends and you can meet some fellow pet-parents along the way! Visits to the dog park improve your mental health and promote an active lifestyle for your dog.

Pro Tip: Always check ahead of time to make sure your dog has all of the necessary vaccines and registration to participate. Some dog parks can be privately owned and require you to fill out forms before your dog plays!

Play a game of tug-of-war

Tug is a fun way to keep your dog busy indoors, and outdoors. It’s quick, easy, and fun. Make sure when playing tug-of-war that you teach a ‘drop it’ command so the game stays fun and not possessive! You know your dog is having fun and getting exercise when their tail is wagging and they keep engaging with the game.

Pro Tip: Want to be extra festive on Earth Day? Ollie Orbit is a brand new tug-of-war toy available on Tender-Tuffs dog toys are for every pet parent who wants a plush squeaky dog toy their pet will love to play with that lasts longer than a day. Made with TearBlok Technology, tender-tuffs are soft, strong, and last long!

Dog Playing Tug-Of-War

Visit a dog-friendly nature trail

National Parks and local hiking trails are a great way to get outdoors with your dog. Check online before you go, because some parks do not allow dogs or require a special permit. Walking and staying active with your dog is important to your health and theirs. Make sure that you pack enough snacks and water along the way. If you notice that your dog is panting and resisting the walk, stop in the shade and grab some water!

Pro Tip: Treats that are high in protein are a great snack for a long walk. We love Remy’s dog and cat treats because they're 100% human-grade treats that contain no artificial preservatives, added hormones, or antibiotics. Just Turkey Hearts dog and cat treats are only made with one ingredient, turkey hearts!

Excited to celebrate Earth Day? These tips and more will get you and your pup ready to celebrate in no time. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks to stay active with your dog, check out our blog and read Ways to Stay Fit With Your Dog, and more!