Did someone say fetch? That’s right, April is the perfect time to celebrate bonding with your dog all month long! April marks Canine Fitness Month, and there are many reasons as to why this is an important month to celebrate.

Keeping your pup fit and healthy is important not only for their physical health, but for their mental health as well. A fit and active dog has a longer lifespan and is less likely to develop canine obesity.

Not only is staying fit important for your dog, but it is also important for you! Canine Fitness Month is the perfect time to spend quality time with your dog. Here are 4 ways that you can keep your dog happy, healthy, and fit this month and all year long!

Small Dog Playing Fetch With Flying Disc

Play fetch!

Did you know that fetch plays into your dog’s natural instinct to retrieve prey from their ancestors? Fetch keeps your dog active, focused and even relieves their anxiety. Your dog should stay active for at least 30 minutes a day. If it is a rainy day outside or frigid and cold, fetch is something you can quickly play inside too!

Walk it out!

Long walks are less strenuous on your dog’s body and gives them the opportunity to sniff around and engage with their environment. According to PetBacker, ‘Dog owners are 34% more likely to fit in 150 minutes of walking in a week compared to non-dog owners’. Yep, you read that right! The more you walk your dog, the more fit you are too.


Tug is a fun way to keep your dog busy indoors, and outdoors. It’s quick, easy, and fun. Make sure when playing tug-of-war that you teach a ‘drop it’ command so the game stays fun and not possessive! You know your dog is having fun and getting exercise when their tail is wagging and they keep engaging with the game.

Women And dog Hiking In The Woods Looking Over A Cliff

Check out your local dog park!

When the weather is nice, it is always a great idea to visit your local dog park! Interacting and socializing with other dogs is important for your dog’s mental health. They can chase and run with their furry-friends and you can meet some fellow pet-parents along the way!

Always check ahead of time to make sure your dog has all of the necessary vaccines and registration to participate. Some dog parks can be privately owned and require you to fill out forms before your dog plays!

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