There’s hundreds of options and dogs that play with toys in different ways, so how do you choose?

Here’s a few tips to help you choose the toy that’s right for YOUR dog.

Puppy Chewing On Teething Toy

How old is your dog?

Different toys are designed for different stages of your dog’s life. As your dog goes from puppy to adult and then to senior, their chewing habits will change and so will their need for different styles of toys and durability.

Have a puppy? Consider our puppy teething aid that's designed to ease your puppy's sore gums during their teething stage. 

Dog Playing With Large Toy

What size is your dog?

Giving a large dog too small of a toy can become a choking hazard. Check out our selection of tender-tuffs designed with both small breeds and large breeds in mind. Make sure you choose an appropriately sized toy for your dog. A Chihuahua will need a smaller sized toy versus a Great Dane.

Is your dog an extreme chewer?

If they are, a plush toy may not be the toy you would want to choose for your dog. Look at tougher, sturdier toys if your dog’s goal and favorite hobby is to shred and chew.

 Dog Catching A Ball

Which type of play does your dog prefer?

Some dogs love to chase and fetch, some dogs love to chew, some dogs like to play tug-o-war, some dogs just want a snuggle buddy, and others want an exciting water toy or Frisbee to test their skill levels in jumping. Understanding what type of play style your dog prefers will help you in your decision on what type of toy to buy.

One thing to remember, no toy is indestructible, no matter what the packaging says. If a dog is determined enough, they can get into any type of toy. We also recommend that you always supervise your dog during playtime, just to be safe!

We hope you find the right toy for your pup that’ll put a wag in their tail and a big smile on your face- or maybe the other way around?