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The holiday season is one of the most wonderful times of the year. You and your family may have plans to visit with loved ones, gather around a meal, and exchange gifts.

With all of this excitement brewing, you may notice small changes in your child’s behavior. Although the season is exciting, it is known to cause some anxiety in children.

Signs of holiday anxiety in children can include:

  • Increased attachment
  • Irritability and tantrums
  • Isolation
  • Reduced excitement
  • Asking a lot of questions

Wondering why the holiday season causes anxiety for kids?

  • The holiday season throws a curveball in your child’s routine. School is out of session, and your child may be spending a lot more time at home. A change-up in routine may impact your child’s mood, sleep schedule, and meal schedule.

    Here’s a tip: Try to keep a routine, even when your child is out of school. Schedule meals, wake up with them, and plan some fun activities throughout their day! Staying busy keeps your child’s mind stimulated, and can ease anxiety.

  • Social anxiety is heightened during the holiday season. Travel and parties can cause anxiety for your child because they will be in unfamiliar situations away from home. Talking to new people, or socializing more than usual can cause distress.

    Here’s a tip: Keep your child informed about plans ahead of time, and let them know how long you plan on staying. Decreasing unknowns can give your child a sense of comfort and security. You can also plan to pack some fun comforting items from home like games, blankets, toys, and even Snuggle Puppy HERO™!

  • The holiday season can be overstimulating. With bright lights, colors, and music, your child’s comfort zone might not look so familiar anymore.

    Here’s a tip: Avoid packed schedules, and set aside some quiet time with your family. Celebrating simple moments are just as important too!

The holiday season can be very exciting for your child, when you plan ahead! Make sure you pay close attention to your child’s behavior during the holiday during this special time. When your child is anxious or overwhelmed, the world can feel like a big, lonely, and sometimes scary place.

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