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For pet owners, every week feels like Pet Appreciation Week! The first week of June is reserved for our furry family members who bring a smile to our day.

Whether you have a cat, dog, parrot, or even a chinchilla, pets can improve our mental health and physical health in so many ways. Who doesn’t love coming home and being greeted by a grateful and excited pup! Owning a pet is proven to decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety including loneliness.

At Snuggle Puppy, we love our pets! Here are a few staff member stories about how our furry family members bring smiles to our day!

“Riser loves to cuddle. It cracks me up every night when she wakes me up and paws at my hand to let her under the covers. It brings a smile to my face and It never gets old. Especially when I wake up to her little head next to mine on the pillow.” -Ashley

“Marshall is the first dog I've ever had that really isn't that bright. When you talk to him, you can see him trying to comprehend something, anything.  He also, every night at 7:30 p.m., barks until someone plays with him. A comedian once said that he didn't need his dog to do his taxes, he just needed him to be a dog. That's why Marshall makes me smile. No hidden agenda, he's just busy being a dog.” - Doug

“Honey  is so loving that even after 2.5 years she gets so excited to see us! Sometimes I'll walk into the room and she starts thumping her tail. I can't help but go love on her every time, it always makes my day.” -Amanda

The list of the ways my pets improve my life could be the start of a novel, but there is one thing about them that I enjoy more than anything else. I love being able to get to know each of their distinct personalities and see the way that they interact with one another.

Oliver is certainly the thinker of the group, always trying to manipulate both them and us to get someone to chase him. But he would do anything to keep his brother and sister safe.

Loki, our cat, certainly believes he is a dog and perhaps was in a past life. He frequently chases both of our dogs around the house, and loves to get chased right back. 

Finally,  River is the biggest but also goofiest and most affectionate of the group. To say that she loves love, much to her brothers' dismay sometimes, would be an understatement.

They are all amazing individual members of our family, but I can't imagine them any other way than together, annoying, playing with, and loving each other as much as they can.’- Justine

Whether your pet is furry, or has scales, they all bring joy to our day! Being a pet parent is a great responsibility that many of us cherish every day. From our pets, to yours, happy Pet Appreciation Week!