Shopping for fun treats for your dog can be a bit intimidating, especially when you’re not sure what the labels mean. Many companies market treats as all-natural, low-calorie, and organic. However, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what all of that means for your dog’s diet.

Curious as to what options are the best for your dog? Here is a breakdown with the ins and outs of shopping for healthy snacks and treats for your dog.

Excited Dog With Dog Treats

Say no to rawhide bones, there are natural alternatives.

Rawhide bones have digestion risks for dogs and can cause blockages in their digestive system. According to the AKC, “Rawhides are meant to be long-lasting chews that break down into tiny, soft pieces over time. However, strong chewers are typically able to break off large chunks that can pose a major choking hazard or cause an intestinal blockage, and both are life-threatening events.

In fact, many major pet companies have stopped selling rawhide bones entirely. If you are looking for an alternative that will keep your heavy-chewer busy, try raw bones! The idea of them doesn’t sound too appealing, but they have plenty of health benefits for your dog!

Raw bones are cut and frozen bones that you can buy at your local butcher by the pound, or at some pet stores in their raw diet section. Store them in your freezer and give larger bones to your pup to help naturally clean their teeth and remove tough tartar on their back molars.

Another great option is Earth Animal No-Hide chews! These chews are rawhide-free and come in a variety of flavors and sizes. No-Hides give your dog the experience of chewing on a rawhide, without the actual rawhide material and digestive hazard.

Human-grade treats are good for your pup!

While we wouldn’t recommend you head to a pet store and grab some treats to snack on, human-grade treats are always a positive item to see on a dog treat label. Human-grade simply means that you could eat it too, if you wanted to.

To get a human-grade label on a dog treat, a company must have packaging, ingredients, and equipment that is up to regulations and FDA standards for human consumption.

We're such big fans of both Remy's Kitchen and Einstein Pet Treats we recommend them to our pupstomers! They are such a yummy treat option for your pup because they are 100% natural and are made using only human-grade ingredients. Order some for your pup to try today here.

The organic label is a lot more important than you may think.

Unfortunately, the term ‘organic’ has been thrown around quite a bit to the point where we can sometimes wonder if it is even important. When it comes to dog treats and food, it is a big deal! Organic treats and food must have at least 95% organic ingredients. That means that all meat provided must be fed organic feed. Also, organic is always a plus because you know that the treats and food will have less fillers like corn meal and by-products that don’t keep your pet satisfied or full for long.

Ingredients List For Dog Treat Bag

Read the label. The less ingredients, the better!

If you can’t decipher the ingredients on your dog’s pet treats, chances are they probably shouldn’t be eating them. Remy’s Kitchen, Just Beef Treats for Dogs & Cats are 100% beef, and that’s it!

When a treat is made with one ingredient like Remy’s Just Beef, you know exactly what your dog is consuming. Single-ingredient dog treats are either freeze-dried or dehydrated. Freeze-dried meat treats have more water removed and will have a higher shelf life compared to dehydrated treats.

Another plus of single-ingredient treats is knowing that there is a lot less processing and sometimes, none at all!

Overall, it is always important to chat with your vet before introducing new treats to your dog. Each dog comes with a multitude of specialized dietary needs depending on breed, size, and activity level.

When your vet provides you with the dietary needs your pet must have, shop smart! Check the labels and make sure you read every ingredient list before feeding your pup a new snack.

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