Bringing home a new dog or puppy? It’s important to establish their own space. Comfort, accessibility, and safety are important things to remember when prepping your dog’s bed for bedtime.

Dog In Bed

Establish Your Own Space And Routine

If you choose to have your dog sleep in bed with you, you should still establish their own space and a routine. New puppies have a hard time controlling their bladders. On average, a puppy under 12-weeks old can only hold their bladder and bowels for 3-4 hours at a time. If your puppy will be sleeping in your bed, be prepared to be woken up for potty breaks. Accidents happen, so it is important to set alarms and create a bedtime routine for your dog. 

If your puppy is too small, your bed may be dangerous for them. There is a chance that they could fall depending on how high your bed is off the ground. There are quite a few options for your dog’s bed that aren’t on yours.

Puppy Cuddling Snuggle Puppy

Prepare Your Dog's Space

If you plan on crate training your dog at night, there are a few things to grab before you introduce your dog to their bed. Find a machine washable liner with some padding to keep your dog comfy at night. The Snuggle Blanket is a machine washable dog blanket and can bring comfort to your dog by providing familiar smells in their space. Snuggle Blanket comes in three colors to match your aesthetic and retains pet hair. Having a blanket in your dog’s bed is important because it helps create a den-like atmosphere that dogs are used to.

Another thing to add to your dog’s space when getting them ready for bedtime is an article of clothing with your scent on it. Your dog can associate your scent with a lot of fun memories, so keeping something with your scent on it in your dog’s bed will naturally comfort them.

Dog With Snuggle Puppy

Get A Snuggle Puppy If Your Dog Is Anxious

If your dog is having anxiety when it comes to their sleeping space, consider getting a Snuggle Puppy. Dogs and puppies are pack animals who are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. Snuggle Puppy recreates that intimacy and physical warmth with a Real-feel Heartbeat. The result is a calmer, happier pet. Introducing Snuggle Puppy into your dog’s bed helps them relax and get comfortable and eases separation anxiety at nighttime.

Bedtime is no joke, and your pup needs their rest! Visit for more information on how Snuggle Puppy can calm your dog during bedtime.