Snuggle Blanket For Pets

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Designed to hold up against years of regular use, providing a warm and comfortable place to sleep in the home or while traveling to ease pet anxiety. The Snuggle Blanket is made out of durable double sided fleece, made to attract and retain pet hair while still being machine washable. This blanket's super soft fabric provides warmth for your pet and a cozy space to reduce anxiety. Available in 3 colors.


  • 300-gram high-density fleece - long lasting wash after wash.
  • Helps keep your pet calm at home or when traveling. Makes any spot comfy and relaxing with familiar smells and texture.  
  • Machine washable.
  • Large 48" x 30" size works for any pup, big or small.

48" Width X 30" Length

Product Values

A reliable and trusted natural way to comfort your pet.

The Perfect Size!
This blanket is perfect for pups of all shapes, sizes, and life stages!

Machine Washable
Wash on gentle cycle.

Made from 300-gram high-density fleece

How It Works

Stylish And Cozy Blanket That Attracts Pet Hair And Protects Your Furniture

Provides a warm, comfortable place to sleep; helping ease pet anxiety at home or on the go. Use as bedding or a blanket! The blanket is designed to attract and retain pet hair, protecting furniture and upholstery.

Featured Reviews

I gave this to my daughter for her new Aussie puppy. This is the pup's favorite blanket to snuggle with and he sleeps with it every night. She has washed and dried it several times and he always gets excited when he sees her take it out of the dryer. It is a quality blanket, it is super soft, and has held up well so far.
Carla H.
My puppies favorite blanket! It’s so soft and easy to clean. He falls asleep immediately on it. He’s three months now but this was him when I first gave him the blanket. Now he only sleeps on it
Kimberly Mayberry
These blankets are adorable and SOFT. I had previously purchased “sheep skin” type blankets which were awful. The material stuck to your fingers and always looked dirty. These look great, hair shakes off, and my dogs LOVE them!
Our Story

We're dedicated to providing comfort for your entire family.

The Original Snuggle Puppy® was created in 1997 by a young dog mom as a way to comfort a litter of puppies as they moved to their forever homes. Since then, we’ve helped millions of animals around the world. Every day, we receive incredible stories about how Snuggle Puppy® has helped our four-legged friends, from dogs to cats, monkeys, and even bears!

Now, the Original Snuggle Puppy® is joined by Snuggle Puppy HERO®! Fully approved for human use with all materials 100% safe for both people and pets. We’re proud to provide the safe feeling of home, everywhere your family goes.