Weaning a new puppy from their mother is quite an adjustment. Did you know that marking mother’s scent on a soothing item can calm a weaning pup? Like human babies, puppies miss their mothers too! In fact, puppies can recognize their mother’s scent even when they’re full-grown. 

If you plan on adopting a new puppy, start the conversation ahead of time with your rescue or breeder about marking the mother’s scent on a special item.

What is a Snuggle Puppy?

Snuggle Puppy has been proven to help puppies get used to calming themselves without the help of their mother or littermates. Adjusting to their new home can be tough, and Snuggle Puppy naturally soothes your pup by mimicking a warm, comfortable, furry best friend. With a continuous Real-Feel heartbeat and warming pack, Snuggle Puppy is the perfect item to mark mother’s scent and calm your pup.

Dog Sitting Next To Snuggle Puppy

How to effectively mark mother’s scent

Meet with your breeder or rescue ahead of time before your pup is weaned. Give them an item you’d like to use to sooth your new puppy. Have the breeder or rescue rub the item on mother’s belly and lay it in the area where they were calm and sleeping with their littermates. The familiar scent will calm them when they adjust to their new home with you! 

Prep a calm space for your puppy ahead of time. The Snuggle Blanket is a machine washable dog blanket and can bring comfort to your dog by providing familiar smells in their space. Snuggle Blanket comes in three colors to match your aesthetic and retains pet hair. Having a blanket in your dog’s bed is important because it helps create a den-like atmosphere that dogs are used to.

Dog Resting Head On Snuggle Puppy

Bringing home a new puppy is exciting. However, it's very important that the adjustment of a new home goes smoothly. The combination of a Snuggle Puppy and Snuggle blanket with mother's scent is a great way to smooth this process and ensure your pup knows that their new home is safe and they can trust you. Soak up the fun and set aside time for you and your family to bond with your new furry family member so they can get used to your scent as well! 

Follow these tips and your pup will be ready to spend their lifetime with you. For more tips, check out our blog and visit www.snugglepuppy.com for all of your pup’s essentials!