Congrats! You’re almost ready to bring the newest member of your family home. How do you prepare for your new puppy? The world’s a big, and sometimes scary place for your little one, but there are some things you can do to help your puppy settle into their home.

The infographic below shares 5 tips that will help make your new puppy’s transition home a smooth one. Check it out!

Puppy Proof Your Home

This may seem like common sense, but puppies are curious and will et into everything and anything. For your dog's safety and sanity, remove all harmful products and hide anything that you don't want chewed.

Have Plenty Of Toys Ready

Having plenty of toys around your house will keep your pup busy and out of trouble. Check out the variety of toys we offer that it the needs of any type and size of puppy.

Create A Safe Space For Your Puppy

Introducing a crate to your puppy is one of the best things you can do. Not only does this provide a safe space for your pet, it gives them a sense of security. Crate training can be a life saver for pet parents.

Introduce The Snuggle Puppy The 1st Night

Your puppy was used to snuggling up to 3, 6, or 10 warm, furry, littermates. Suddenly being alone can causes fear, resulting in crying, which keeps you up all night. Introduce your puppy to the snuggle puppy. The real-feel heartbeat and heat pack mimic the feeling of being with their mom and littermates, giving you and your pup the sleep you both need and want.

Establish A Routine

Puppies need consistency in order to learn. Your new puppy routine helps them feel secure while building confidence. Creating "Rules Of The House" lets the new puppy know what to expect, and makes sure all the humans do too.

Have any additional tips to share for new puppy owners bringing their puppy home? Tell us in the comments below!