Snuggle Puppy Two-Sided Pin & Bristle Brush

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Grooming your pup  will be quick and easy with the Snuggle Puppy 2-sided Pin and Bristle Pet brush.

This brush has soft boar and nylon bristles on one side to gently work out mats and tangles. Rounded steel pins on the other side to ‘paw-fectly’ smooth your fur baby’s coat.

With a non-slip easy to grip handle, your pup will love the feel. And so will you when you cuddle up together! 

  • Two brushes in one 
  • Two sizes for all dogs and all coat types
  • This brush gently works out tangles and smooths their coat 
  • Easy to hold and maneuver with the non-slip grip

Small: 1.89" Width X 7.87 Length

Large: 2.36" Width X 8.46" Length

Product Values

Non-Slip Grip
Non-slip easy to grip handle

Perfect For All Breeds!
The Bristle Brush can be used on all dog breeds but is designed for smaller dogs that are short-haired with a smooth coat

Shinier Fur
The soft bristles increase oil production and will leave your dog’s fur shiny

Remove Loose Hair
Helps remove undercoat and loose hair

How It Works

Two Brushes For The Price Of One

Bristle brushes are used on short-haired, smooth-coated dogs that shed frequently. Their clusters of tightly-packed natural bristles will remove loose hair and stimulate the skin. Bristle brushes can be used on breeds such as Pugs, Italian Greyhounds, Jack Russell Terriers, and Boston Terriers. Pin brushes look similar to brushes commonly used by people. Pin brushes pick up loose hair before it is shed onto your furniture, or finish and fluff a well-brushed coat. They are best used to finish off the grooming process.

Our Story

We're dedicated to providing comfort for your entire family.

The Original Snuggle Puppy® was created in 1997 by a young dog mom as a way to comfort a litter of puppies as they moved to their forever homes. Since then, we’ve helped millions of animals around the world. Every day, we receive incredible stories about how Snuggle Puppy® has helped our four-legged friends, from dogs to cats, monkeys, and even bears!

Now, the Original Snuggle Puppy® is joined by Snuggle Puppy HERO®! Fully approved for human use with all materials 100% safe for both people and pets. We’re proud to provide the safe feeling of home, everywhere your family goes.