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Introducing Snuggle Puppy PLUS

Are you ready to redefine the way pets experience comfort and companionship?

Snuggle Puppy PLUS is here to revolutionize the retail pet market. This innovative pet product goes beyond the ordinary - it’s the only anti-anxiety plush toy featuring smart technology!


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The Future of Pet Companionship

Give your customers the chance to provide their furry friends with an extraordinary level of comfort that strengthens the human-pet
bond like never before.

The only anti-anxiety plush toy with patented smart technology - so simple dogs turn it on with their movement!

  • Patented SmartBeat Heart turns on when motion is detected and turns off when no motion is detected
  • Eliminates the need to open Snuggle Puppy to turn heartbeat on/off
  • Extended battery life lasts months depending on use
  • Comes with 3 overnight heat packs

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