Customer Stories

Courtney D

"We have had Gigi, a miniature Labradoodle, for a little over a month now and she gets so sad when we leave her alone. I finally bought her a snuggle puppy and I had to share this photograph with you! She absolutely loves it and has already snuggled right up to it. I cannot wait to see how she continues to do with it! Thank you!"


Amy M

"Just had to share this cute photo of Daisy (8 weeks) with her Snuggle Puppy. Daisy has been with us 3 nights so far and has slept through the night each year with the comfort of her Snuggle Puppy. Just wanted to say thanks!!"

Katherine C

"I just wanted to thank you guys so much again. Our volunteers were so thrilled to get the snuggle kitties! Two pictures below to show you how happy the kittens we rescued are with them."




Claudia N

"Our little girl, Sophie, was the only survivor from a litter of 3. For the first 10 days, mom never left her side. But as she started to stretch her legs and spend more time out of the whelping pen, we gave Sophie the Snuggle Puppy and turned on the heartbeat. It was an instant hit. She loves it and is always either laying on it or right next to it."

Cierra M

"My puppy Berkley absolutely loves his snuggle puppy. He is only seven weeks old so I was nervous about taking him from his mom and liter mates but this toy has helped so much. They are inseparable, the second he has it he passes out cuddling it. Thanks again!"


Cathy C & Grizzly

"I thought I would share this cute pic of my puppy Grizzly (he is a Havanese). We achieved peace the first night we used snuggle puppy. We did not use the heat pad either. (May now that weather is cold!) Worth every penny! Thanks for a great product."




Sheryl M

" I would like to thank your company for making such a wonderful sturdy companion puppy... It's been over 2 years washed a dozen times. Although the Velcro has had better day's my Fur Baby Buckeye constantly has to play and or sleep with it. We bought it for his ride home when we bought him at 8 weeks old.. we have purchased another one about a year ago he has nothing to do with it."


Michelle H

"Abby Louise is 17 years old and has dementia. Sometimes it is hard for her to settle down and go to sleep. We were piling stuffed animals all around her. This would let her sleep an hour or two. Then that didn't work. I was in Pet Smart and saw your Snuggle Puppy. The manager said it worked wonderfully with her kittens. I took it home. This puppy is amazing. I just put her on a pillow, give ABBY her "Baby" and within seconds she is asleep. The best part is she gets good sleep, and now she sleeps most of the night, so, so do I!

If you have a companion, no matter what age, that has trouble settling in, this might just be the answer. AND the batteries really did last about 2 months!

Thank you so much for thinking of this."


MaryLee G

"Jack Loves his snuggle puppy Dolly. He sleeps with it in his crate and brings it out with him in the morning if he forgets it it's the first place he goes to get it when we come back inside from potty time. I was concerned because it says it's not a toy. But after reading reviews I feel better that he carries this snuggle puppy everywhere he is very attached to it. Love that it is washable. 💜"




Jan W

"Here is "Casey" our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel cuddling with his Snuggle Puppy at three months old. At two and three quarters years old, still loving his Snuggle Puppy. My family and I are so impressed with your great customer service."  

Cassandra Carter

We selected our puppy Eden from a rescue litter when she was only 4 weeks old and prepared to bring her home at 6 weeks old. In preparation for a welcoming and smooth transition, I started looking for puppy products. When I first came across the New Puppy Starter Kit that featured the Snuggle Puppy I was attracted to the concept of the warmth provided by the heat pads and the simulated heartbeat within the stuffed puppy. Having adopted puppies in the past and not using such products I struggled thinking that maybe this was a little over the top. Our family decided since she was so young that it was worth the investment, which ended up being the best decision ever!I would recommend this kit for everyone bringing home a new puppy or dog! The blanket is perfect for car rides and the bottom of the crate. The toys with varying textures provide great opportunities for play and chewing. Most of all Snuggle Puppy is priceless! Eden would curl up with Snuggle Puppy anytime she would fall asleep. It helped her to transition to her new home and more specifically her crate. We were pretty deliberate in turning off the the simulated heartbeat and were amazed at how long the battery lasted. Just recently Eden had surgery (spay) and once again Snuggle Puppy provided comfort and peace. I have gone from being slightly reserved about the purchase to feeling the necessity to write this recommendation!We recommend the Snuggle Puppy New Puppy Starter Kit to all new pet owners. It is a great value as you get information on puppy training, the blanket, toys and most of all Snuggle Puppy! Best product ever for our puppy!I am attaching photos of when we first brought Eden home at 6 weeks old (first 3) and last week at 11 weeks old when she had her surgery. (Last 2)Thank you for your commitment to providing amazing pet products!"