Snuggle Puppy Two-Sided Pin & Bristle Brush


New! Snuggle Puppy Grooming Tools.

Grooming your pup  will be quick and easy with the Snuggle Puppy 2-sided Pin and Bristle Pet brush.

This brush has soft boar and nylon bristles on one side to gently work out mats and tangles. Rounded steel pins on the other side to ‘paw-fectly’ smooth your fur baby’s coat.

With a non-slip easy to grip handle, your pup will love the feel. And so will you when you cuddle up together! 

  • Two brushes in one 
  • Two sizes for all dogs and all coat types
  • This brush gently works out tangles and smooths their coat 
  • Easy to hold and maneuver with the non-slip grip