Snuggle Puppy Replacement Plush


Snuggle Puppy Replacement Plush 

Snuggle Puppy is your fur baby's favorite - so sometimes it gets lots of love. If you need an extra - because yours a little worn, for travel, or for when one is in the wash - this is for you!

This is the exact same plush that came with your Original Snuggle Puppy, but DOES NOT include the heartbeat or heat pack. 

  • Same five color choices as the Original Snuggle Puppy
  • Each plush is individually bagged and shipped with minimal packaging.
  • Does NOT include the Real-Feel Heartbeat® or heat pack.
  • Great to have for travel or for when one is in the wash
  • Stock is limited and not all color choices may be available.

Remember - this is the PLUSH ONLY.  There is no heartbeat or heat pack included. The Snuggle Puppy plush will be in a poly bag and will not include the original instruction sheet - this allows us to save weight and reduce the amount of packaging we use.