We know how difficult it can be for the first few nights (or longer) with a new puppy. It’s especially hard since we don’t speak dog language and we can’t always tell why they are crying.

A lot of people reach out to us asking how they can help stop their puppy from crying in their crate. First, let’s take a look at three reasons why your puppy is crying in their crate at night.

Your Puppy Has Separation Anxiety

The most common reason is separation anxiety and loneliness. Being separated from their mother and littermates is a big transition. Your new puppy is used to having their family to snuggle up to. Being in their new home with you the first few nights away is scary. The familiar sights, smells, and sounds they are used to are no longer there but are replaced with new, scary sights, smells, and sounds.

Your Puppy Needs Food And Water

Your new puppy could also be crying if they are hungry or need water. Make sure to get them on a regular feeding schedule so they can get used to a routine! This will help reduce their crying in-between feeding times. We also recommend offering water right before bedtime.

Your Puppy Wants Attention

Lastly, another reason your puppy is crying is to get attention from you. For example, they may cry when you are busy doing something simply because they are feeling left out. We know how hard it is to not give in to those puppy dog eyes, but doing so will only make the habit of crying worse! They might associate crying with getting what they want and it will be tough to break the habit.

Puppy Laying With Snuggle Puppy

The Snuggle Puppy Helps Your Puppy Stop Crying In Their Crate

So how can we help? We designed the Snuggle Puppy to help solve one of the biggest reasons why puppies cry at night, making your life easier and your puppy happy too! The Snuggle Puppy helps stop your puppy from crying at night with the “real-feel” heartbeat and heat pack that naturally mimics their mother and littermates- ultimately working to ease their separation anxiety and loneliness. Click here to find out where you can purchase the Snuggle Puppy.

We hope this helps you understand why your puppy is crying in their crate and what you can do to help. Congratulations again on your new furry family member!