The holiday season sure is a busy one! The hustle and bustle may have you and your family traveling a lot more than usual. Before you pack your bags, always remember that the holiday season may stress out your pet, especially if you are traveling with them.

For many dogs, traveling in a car can be a stressful experience. Anxiety is a common thing for your pup to experience and signs include pacing, panting, and even drooling. If your dog is anxious in the car, you may also notice that they are barking excessively. There are many ways you can prep your dog and comfort them for a car ride.

Here are just a few.

Two Dogs Sitting In Car Seat

Keep your pet cozy

You and your family will be bundled up and ready to go, but it is important that your dog feels comfortable in the car too. Bring their bed and blankets they sleep with to ease anxiety with a familiar scent.

Sit with your pup

Dogs tend to experience a sensory overload when in a moving car. Because of this, they are more likely to experience motion sickness. If it is an option, sit in the back seat with your pup to calm them. Your presence and attention will distract them from watching the trees and cars whip by the windows. If it isn’t possible to sit with your dog, consider getting a  harnessed seat belt,  car seat or even a  Snuggle Puppy!

Take plenty of rest stops

If you are traveling out of state or even over an hour away, it is important to take your dog on plenty of walks during the car ride. Many rest areas have dog parks and trails that will keep your pup active and busy. The more opportunities they have to rest, run and use the bathroom, the better! 

If you plan on visiting family and friends that your pup doesn’t see often, it’s also good to plan ahead! They will be in an unfamiliar place and with holiday decorations and cheer, it may cause some anxiety. Here are a couple of tips to prep your pup for holiday’s greetings!

Bring your dog's toys and bones

Bring toys, and bones to keep your dog busy. The more fun your pup is able to have, the better! You may be preoccupied with cooking and visiting so it’s important to make sure your dog has their own space to play! Excessive chewing is another sign of anxiety, so stop and grab your dog’s favorite chew to keep them busy.

Dog Sitting In Back Seat

Inform everyone

Inform family and friends to make sure your dog has a chance to become familiar with them. Having a new furry family member in the house is exciting! Whether it is in the family group chat, a quick phone call or a verbal conversation, make sure you let everyone know how your dog likes to be greeted. Some dogs are startled when people approach them quickly. It is best to let your dog have time to adjust to a new environment with new people by sniffing around and checking things out for themselves.

No matter where you end up traveling this holiday season, with these tips, your pup will be ready to celebrate! Anxiety is common, especially when traveling. Be patient and your pup will be rocking around the tree in no time.