Imagine a dog that spent his 6 years of life dedicated to making others happy. With his “free hugs” sign held proudly around his neck, Scout’s 237,000 Instagram followers knew him as the ‘World’s Best Hugger’.

Scout's Impact

Scout’s dog mom, Melissa, noticed that Scout had a love of humans when he began approaching people in crowds. He would press his head against their legs and stay there until they hugged him back. From that moment forward, Scout’s hugs swept the nation. His hugs provided companionship in nursing homes, and lowered stress levels for anxious students in colleges.

With a family that loved to travel, Scout impacted thousands of people all over the world. In August 2021, Scout was diagnosed with cardiac hemangiosarcoma, a tumor on his heart. Sadly, Scout's family had to say goodbye to him at only 6 years old. Scout’s work was not done though.

With Scout’s memory in mind, Melissa decided to continue spreading love in his honor. On February 17, 2022, Archie was adopted into Melissa’s family through Golden Bond Rescue, a rescue that connects golden retrievers and golden mixed breeds with loving families.

Scout's Legacy

With the one year anniversary of Scout’s passing, Snuggle Puppy and Scout Golden Retriever have teamed up to help spread kindness in Scout’s honor.

During the month of August, Snuggle Puppy will offer a Limited-Edition Scout Snuggle Puppy Pack in honor of Scout’s memory! A portion of each Limited-Edition Scout Snuggle Puppy Pack will be donated to Golden Bond Rescue.

Scout’s legacy of spreading kindness and providing comfort fits right alongside what Snuggle Puppy is designed to do. Its physical warmth and real-feel heartbeat eases loneliness and anxiety and has brought comfort to millions of animals around the globe, including Archie!

If you weren’t lucky enough to receive a Scout Hug, consider a Snuggle Puppy Scout Hug instead (for you or your pup!) and continue to keep Scout’s memory alive by supporting Golden Bond Rescue and spreading kindness one free hug at a time. #inscoutshonor

You can learn more about Scout and his legacy at or by watching the video below.