‘Twas the month of the holidays and all through the house, not a squeaky toy was squeaking, not even Tender-Tuffs. Shopping for holiday gifts for your pup doesn’t always have to be ‘Tuff’. Check out our most loved toys that are sure to bring cheer to you pup below!

Puppy With Snuggle Puppy

Marine Tender-Tuff Bundle

Can’t choose which Tender-Tuff is your pups favorite? The Marine Bundle has got you covered and includes an Angelfish, Yellow Stingray and Seahorse. Tender-Tuffs come with TearBlok technology that extends playtime.

Snuggle Puppy or Snuggle Kitty

If your pet gets anxious while you’re out and about shopping for gifts or entertaining guests, check out the Snuggle Puppy or Snuggle Kitty. Snuggle Puppy and Snuggle Kitty recreate the intimacy and physical warmth of a littermate mother with a Real-feel Heartbeat and heat pack. The result is a calmer, happier pet. Snuggle Puppy and Snuggle Kitty play into your pet’s natural instinct and keep them calm.

Yellow Bounderz

Whether your pup loves swimming in the lake, or hanging out on the boat with you, the Bounderz yellow rubber chase and fetch ball would be a ‘paw’fect gift! The yellow Bounderz ball floats in the water and even has compartments to hide treats for your pet!

Large Dog Tender-Tuff Bundle

The larger the dog, the more to love! If your pup is a larger breed, the Large Dog Tender-Tuff Bundle is a great gift to consider! The bundle comes with the Lobster, Manatee, Hammerhead, Large Crinkle Hedgehog, and No Squeak Rabbit Tender-Tuffs. A great selection of our bestsellers for every type of play.

Tender-Tuffs Hedgehog

Tender-tuffs dog toys are for every pet parent who wants a plush squeaky dog toy their pet will love to play with that lasts longer than a day. The Hedgehog crinkle toy comes in small and large sizes for dogs of all shapes and sizes! This toy has no stuffing and won’t leave a mess as bad as wrapping paper all over the room on holidays!

Small Dog Tender Tuff Bundle

Don’t forget about your small furry-friends this holiday season! The Small Dog Tender-Tuff Bundle is the perfect gift to keep your pup playing! It includes the Yellow Hedgehog, Curly Octopus, Cactus, Pink Octopus, and Small Crinkle Hedgehog Tender-Tuffs!

New Puppy Starter Kit

Bringing a new furry friend home for the holidays? The New Puppy Starter Kit includes everything you need to introduce a new puppy to your home! Each starter kit comes with 1 Biscuit Color Snuggle Puppy, a Real-Feel Heartbeat, 3 heat packs, 1 Snuggle Blanket, 1 Puppy Teething Aid and 1 Puppy’s First Toy. With each kit you can choose between three options. Pink, blue or neutral.

Aussie Bundle

Your pup will sure be ‘hoppy’ with the Tender-Tuff Aussie Bundle. This bundle includes the Kangaroo, Boomerang, Platypus tug-of-war toy, and the Green Standing Crocodile. All of these toys are great for medium to large dogs and come with puncture-resistant squeakers. 

Snuggle Puppy Toy Bundle 1

You’ll be ‘Snuggling’ around the Christmas Tree with this Snuggle Puppy and Tender-Tuff bundle. This bundle will be perfect for a snuggly and playful dog! It includes one Snuggle Blanket and one Snuggle Puppy with a color of your choice, Small Crinkle Hedgehog, Curly Octopus, and Long Neck Dino.