Chances are your dog will be watching you prepare your Thanksgiving feast this year. With various aromas filling your home, your pup is sure to be drooling. Don’t feel guilty though. There are PLENTY of foods that are safe to share with your dog during the holiday. Curious as to what is safe to share? Here are just a few healthy options that’ll have your pet begging for another helping.

Pumpkin is the safest option

Did you know pumpkin has numerous health benefits for your pet? Pumpkin is great for promoting a healthy urinary tract and supports digestive health in your pet. In fact, pure canned pumpkin can be added to your dog’s kibble as a remedy for diarrhea and constipation. Want to learn more about how Pumpkin ‘spices’ up your dog’s diet? Check out our blog!

Bowl Of Pumpkin Puree

Sweet potatoes are sweet and full of fiber

Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber for your pup. In fact, sweet potatoes are a primary ingredient in many dog foods and treats. You can dry your own sweet potato at home for a sweet and savory treat for your pet. To keep things safe, avoid adding extra ingredients to your sweet potatoes. Sweet potato casserole has too much sugar for your pup, but baking sweet potato in the oven and mashing it down for your pet is best!

Veggies are crunchy and healthy for your dog!

Steaming some green beans for the table? It is a-okay to share veggies with your pet during dinner. Other safe veggies to feed your dog (without seasonings or butter) include carrots, asparagus, baked potato, and corn.

Dog Reaching For Vegetables On Table

Make a homemade dessert!

Want to satisfy your pup’s sweet tooth? DIY treats with safe ingredients such as pumpkin puree and Greek yogurt are a great and healthy option. Check out our DIY Pumpkin Yogurt Melt recipe on YouTube for a fun and exciting fall themed treat for your pup.

Before introducing any new food to your pet, we recommend checking with your vet. Intolerances and allergies vary from dog to dog. Thanksgiving is the biggest foodie holiday of the year! Share any of the yummy foods above with your furry-friend to keep their bellies full and happy this holiday season.