Whether you are an experienced pet parent, or new to the crew, bringing home a new furry-family member is always exciting! When it comes to welcoming your new kitten home, there is no such thing as being too prepared! Compared to dogs, caring for a kitten is rather unique.

Before you bring your new kitten home, you may want to research and plan ahead of time. From litter boxes to scratching posts, here is a list of tips to prep your home for a new kitten.

Small Kitten Sitting On Bed

Buy What You Need Ahead Of Time

The days leading up to bringing home your new kitten are hectic. Make a list of items you need for your home that'll make their transition easier. Too overwhelmed to think of a list? Here are some items you’ll need to grab before your kitten comes home.


Kittens are very active and require a lot of attention and playtime. Grab a handful of toys from your local pet store to make sure they have a lot to keep them entertained when they come home!

Grab A Litter Box

If you plan on litter box training, grab the right box for your cat ahead of time. Grab a litter mat and some litter too! Your cat might not be a fan of their litter at first, so be prepared to switch it up a little bit as they adjust.

Get A Comfy Bed

It may help your kitten to feel safe in their own space! Grab something machine washable, but don’t be offended if your kitten decides to sleep in a cardboard box, or with you instead!

Find The Right Food

Contact the shelter or the previous owner to see what they recommend. Keeping your cat’s food consistent will keep their belly happy and healthy.

Find The Perfect Scratching Post

Cats in general love to stretch and scratch their paws. Buy them a scratching post ahead of time to avoid scratching on furniture.

Kitten-Proof Your Home!

Make sure all wires, cords, and other easily chewable items are put up high or away. Kittens love to climb and get adventurous. Chewing and playing in cords is something they are known for! Think ahead and organize your hanging cords and fixtures to make sure your kitten stays safe.

Have A Pick Up Plan

Picking up your kitten is exciting, but the car ride might not be. For many kittens, car rides might be a new experience for them. Bring a snuggly blanket and prepare to hold them tight. Snuggle Blanket is a great option for your kitten’s first car ride. It is soft, machine washable, and comforting.

Your Kitten Will Probably Be Anxious

Similar to dogs, cats can also display signs of emotional distress, even if they can’t always vocalize it.

Anxiety overall is anticipatory fear of danger which causes intense feelings of emotional distress. For cats, anxiety can be caused by multiple factors including pain, age, and past trauma. Although age can be a common factor that causes anxiety in cats, anxiety can impact your furry-friend at any age!

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, cats are taken to the vet less than half of the time compared to dogs. When your dog is anxious or upset, they will bark and vocalize their fears. Cats on the other hand are much quieter, even with their loudest meow.

If you’re worried about your cat’s anxious attachment style, try out  Snuggle Kitty. Snuggle Kitty plays into your cat’s natural instincts and recreates maternal intimacy.

Cat Sitting On Floor Next To Snuggle Kitty

Don’t panic! If you’re a new cat owner, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. There is quite a bit of information out there when it comes to adopting kittens. Take a step back before you panic and enjoy the experience! Picking out a name and prepping your kitten’s space is part of the fun, soak it up!

These tips, tricks, and more will help you welcome your new furry family member with open arms!

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