Spooky season doesn’t have to be so spooky for your pet. Halloween is a holiday of fun and treats for your family and friends, but your furry friend might not see it that way. If your pet suffers from anxiety, strangers trick-or-treating at your door, or even loud Halloween decorations may scare them. There are ways to keep your pet happy and anxiety free on Halloween, here are just a few!

Dog Laying On It's Back

Monitor your pet’s behavior

Anxiety is very common in pets, especially on holidays where their routine may be out of the ordinary. In dogs, signs such as digging, chewing, shivering and panting can be signs of anxiety. For cats, anxiety can be identified as decreased appetite, hiding and excessive grooming. Make sure you monitor your pet’s behavior during the evening of Halloween. If they sense a change in routine it may result in destructive and anxious behavior.

Keep your pet in a calm environment away from the trick-or-treat commotion

Trick-or-treaters tend to be loud when asking for treats and surprises. Yelling and loud knocking causes a lot of anxiety for your furry friend. Keeping them in a safe quiet place away from the door is a great idea. The less noise they hear, the less anxiety they may have!

Dog Laying With Snuggle Puppy

Consider getting a Snuggle Puppy or Snuggle Kitty!

If you plan on passing out candy, you may get very busy, limiting your time to comfort your pet. Dogs and cats are pack animals who are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. Snuggle Puppy and Snuggly Kitty recreate the intimacy and physical warmth with a Real-feel Heartbeat. The result is a calmer, happier pet. Just place your pet in a calm quiet space and turn on the Real-feel Heartbeat. Your pet will be relaxed and feel like they have a companion with them while you’re passing out treats.

Give your pet plenty of toys and treats to keep them distracted

If your pet is showing signs of anxiety such as excessive chewing, make sure they have plenty of toys and puzzles to keep them busy. Tender-tuffs dog toys are for every pet parent who wants a plush squeaky dog toy their pet will love to play with that lasts longer than a day. Tender-tuffs are intended for tough play but are not meant as a chew toy. When choosing a stuffed dog toy for your dog, remember to consider their activity level and size. As with all pet toys, please supervise your dog when playing with their tender-tuffs.

Overall, the spooky holiday doesn’t have to be so spooky for your pet! For more tips to keep your pet anxiety free and safe during Halloween, check out these ‘5 Halloween Pet Safety Tips’.