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Today we celebrate our extra fluffy furry friend, the doodle! From Goldendoodles, to Schnoodles, the doodle breed has gained quite a bit of popularity over the years.

May 1st marks International Doodle Dog Day, a day we only started celebrating as recent as 2017! As dog lovers, we celebrate doodles all year long. Even though one list won’t do them justice, here are a few reasons why we are obsessed with the doodle breed.

Doodle dog sitting on the stairs landing with a Biscuit Snuggle Puppy
  1. They’re fluffy and adorable! I mean, look at them. You can’t help but smile when you see their fur bouncing during a game of fetch! Whether their fur is curly, wavy, or straight, doodles have a unique look to them.
  2. They can keep your family from sneezing. I wouldn’t want to live in a house without a dog, would you? Doodles aren’t entirely hypoallergenic, but they are allergen-friendly pets. With minimal shedding, these pups are the perfect addition to your family if one of your family members is suffering from a pet allergy.

    Fun fact! Bernedoodles are the only doodle that are mostly or entirely hypoallergenic.

  3. They’re super smart! Doodles are one of the common breeds that you will see as an emotional support animal. Because of their willingness to learn and train, many doodles are even selected to serve as service dogs for veterans with PTSD.
  4. They’re active and love to play. If you have an active lifestyle, a doodle would be great for you. Doodles love to play and have a high-energy demeanor. Whether it’s fetch at the park, or a game of tug-of-war at home, your doodle will always keep you busy.
Doodle dog sitting on the couch with a Doodle Snuggle Puppy

Ultimately, you can’t help but smile when you see a cute doodle on your newsfeed. We love doodles so much that we decided to release a brand new Snuggle Puppy for the first time in years!

The Original Snuggle Puppy Doodle is now available in an all new color, featuring fluffy and fabulous doodle fur! What are you waiting for? It’s time to celebrate your doodle!