First your family gained paws, now it is gaining tiny feet. Having a baby comes with a lot of preparation. While prepping your home, it is important to remember to prep your dog for your new family member as well!

According to the AKC, dogs can sense the changes your body goes through during pregnancy including physical, emotional, and even smell. With new changes may come some anxiety for your dog. Here are a few things you can do before your due date that will ease your pup’s anxiety.

Dog Sitting Next To Baby's Crib

Introduce your dog to your new baby gadgets

Baby toys and strollers come with new noises and may cause anxiety for your dog. Prep your dog by taking short walks with the stroller so they become used to the pace of the walk and the sound of the wheels. When it comes to new toys and gadgets, have the sounds go off throughout the day so they do not become alarmed by them when the baby comes!

Teach your dog the off command

If your dog does not know the off command, you have plenty of time to teach them now as opposed to when the baby arrives. Teaching new commands ahead of time will help your dog not associate these changes with a baby. It will become a part of their routine and will prevent them from jumping while you’re holding your little one.

Baby Playing With Puppy

Create a pet-safe space for your dog

Your dog is used to having all of your attention. While caring for your baby, make sure to acknowledge your dog as well. You don’t want them to associate play time when the baby sleeps. Set up a space for your dog to relax while your baby sleeps. If they are used to being on the furniture, creating a new space for them will help acclimate them to the change.

Consider getting a Snuggle Puppy to keep in their space that will ease their anxiety while transitioning to your new baby! Snuggle Puppy recreates intimacy and physical warmth with a Real-feel Heartbeat. The result is a calmer, happier pet.

Introduce your dog to the baby’s scent

While you are at the hospital, it is a good idea to have someone your dog is familiar with stay with them at your home. When the baby is born, have a family member who visits at the hospital take a blanket or swaddle with your baby’s scent home with them. Have them introduce the scent to your dog ahead of time so they aren’t as anxious when you arrive home! 

Following these tips will help your dog acclimate in no time! Make sure that you continue to work with your dog and your baby as they grow into their toddler years. Having a dog and a baby can be a lot of work, but strengthening their bond should always be a priority. For more puppy tips and tricks, visit our blog on