Ever wonder if dogs grieve? The answer is, yes. Grieving the loss of a family member or furry-friend can impact your family greatly. Dogs feel the loss and sadness with you, and grieve in their own way.

Signs your dog may be grieving

Here are some signs your dog may be grieving with you and how you can comfort them during their time of sadness.

Your dog is lethargic

If your dog is grieving, they may become a bit lethargic. Little to no energy is a sign that your dog may be dealing with the loss of a family member, or furry family member through depression. Dogs in a depressive state sleep more than usual and aren’t very playful.

Sad Dog Looking Out Window

Change in eating habits

You may notice that your dog’s eating habits may change if they are grieving. If your dog is eating less, avoiding treats, and not drinking water, chances are they are having a hard time processing the loss.

Your dog is avoiding other pets

If you have other dogs in your house, your dog who is grieving may be avoiding them, and you. If your dog is hiding, or even acting up for attention, they may be having a hard time processing the loss. Regression of behavior may point to sadness and depression due to grieving.

Dogs can pick up on your grieving as well. Even though they can’t express themselves in words as to why they are hurting during this difficult time, their actions and behaviors may be their way of telling you they’re sad. 

How to help your grieving dog

Looking to help your dog process the loss in your family? Here are some tips.

Spend extra time with your dog

Grieving for dogs takes a lot longer than you may think. Dogs take anywhere from 2-6 months to process their loss. To help them stay active, take them on a few extra long walks. The best way to help your dog snap back into their normal routine is to spend extra quality time with them.

Get a Snuggle Puppy for your dog

If your dog is experiencing the loss of another furry-friend, their routine may not be the same, especially at bedtime. Snuggle Puppy mimics the physical warmth and presence of another furry-family member. With a real-feel heartbeat and heat pack, Snuggle Puppy is a great companion for your grieving pup.

Dog On Bed Curled Up With Snuggle Puppy

Take your dog to new, dog friendly areas

Switch things up! You are going through a rough time too. It is ok and healthy to grieve. Visit  BringFido.com  to find dog-friendly restaurants, markets, and more that you and your dog can visit together. A change of scenery can distract you and your dog and give you some time to create new memories. 

Grieving is tough. Together you and your dog can get through this. Following these tips and noticing that your dog is hurting too is the first step in the right direction. For more tips, check out  our blog and visit  www.snugglepuppy.com for all of your pup’s essentials!