As many of us get back to business, you may notice a change in your dog’s behavior. Like you, your pup has become used to having you around and your absence in their daily routine may cause some anxiety as well as behavioral changes. It is important to recognize that this is a stressful time for both of you.

You will miss interacting with your dog during the day and your dog will also miss you. Make sure you take the time to plan accordingly to ease anxiety and create a new routine for you and your furry friend! Curious as to how? Check out these five tips below on how you and your dog can adjust to your new life back in the office.

Prep your pup for your absence

To limit the separation anxiety your pup might experience when you head back to work, prep them early! Start leaving for short intervals throughout your day and gradually lead up to larger chunks of time. For starters, start off at a half hour and work your way up to however long you may be away from your furry friend.  Remember, every dog is different! Your pup could adjust within a few days and for others, it may take a few weeks! Be patient with them and reward them with a little walk or playtime outside when you reunite.

Schedule playtime

Incorporating activity into your dog’s life is important. With the right amount of activity, your pup will be less likely to be destructive and anxious. Depending on your new schedule, you may have less time to play with your dog throughout the day. Your furry friend gets used to having you around to keep them busy and healthy! Before you get back to business, set your alarm a half an hour to an hour earlier for playtime with your pet. A simple game of fetch, tug of war or a brisk walk can relieve internal stress and anxiety.

Keep toys interactive

There are many ways to keep your pup’s paws and brain busy while you’re away. Puzzle toys, lick mats and other interactive and treat dispensing toys are a great way to keep your pup active, playing and guessing. Independent playtime is a way for your pup to stay entertained and happy while you’re away. Heavy chewing can be a sign of separation anxiety as well as overall anxiety to a new routine. If you notice your pup is being destructive while you’re away, try to replace some of their toys with puzzles and durable toys. Our Tender-Tuff plush toys come in a variety of sizes to keep your pup safe and happy. The Tender-Tuff’s feature a revolutionary TearBlok technology for extended playtime while you’re away at the office!

Check out a doggy daycare

In your absence, adding a doggy daycare visit to your pup’s routine is a great way to socialize and exercise your dog. While you’re away, your dog will have a limited amount of play time. Interactive play with other dogs helps promote a healthy and active lifestyle for your furry friend! Make sure you do your research and read up on reviews to find the perfect daycare that is cost effective, fits the lifestyle your pup has and fits into your morning routine.

Dog Resting Head On Snuggle Puppy

Get a Snuggle Puppy!

Whether your dog is crate trained, or not, The Snuggle Puppy is a great companion that can help ease your pup’s anxiety while you’re away. The Snuggle Puppy is a cuddle companion made to comfort and calm your pup’s anxiety. The Snuggly Puppy naturally calms your pup by mimicking a warm, comfortable furry best friend. The Snuggle Puppy comes in five colors and includes one heat pack and one Real-feel Heartbeat®. When introducing your Snuggle Puppy to your furry friend, make sure that it is introduced in a calm setting. If your pup starts to chew on The Snuggle Puppy, remove it from them and introduce it at a later time. You can introduce your Snuggle Puppy in your pup’s crate, at their spot on the couch or even in their bed!