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April 30th marks National Adopt a Shelter Dog Day, a day we use to bring awareness to our over 3.3 million furry friends waiting to find their forever homes. At our Snuggle Puppy offices, we have quite a few staff members who have adopted shelter dogs or work directly with animal shelters in the area.

Snuggle Puppy Customer Service Representative, Jodi Von Wihl, works directly with Waggin’ Tails Dog Rescue, a volunteer based organization that fosters dogs from crowded shelters and owner surrenders. In total, she has opened her home (and heart) to 18 foster dogs.
Snuggle Puppy Employee taking a selfie in the car with an adopted shelter dog
As someone who works directly with shelter dogs, we reached out to Jodi to better understand why Adopt a Shelter Dog Day is so important, and what we can do to help! Here is what she had to say:

Q: Why do you think it is important to adopt a shelter dog?

Von Wihl: There are so many good reasons! Despite advances in the animal sheltering world, a dog’s life hangs in the balance once they enter the shelter. When you adopt a shelter (or rescue) dog, you will be saving more than one life. The space left open by an adopted dog means another needy soul is safe. Shelter dogs are not broken, they are absolutely resilient and deserve a second chance to be the loved companion they were meant to be.

Q: What was your favorite memory with a shelter/foster dog?

Von Wihl: After the stress of a stay in a noisy shelter environment, seeing a dog relax, curl up, and sigh in relief before nodding off for the best night’s sleep they’ve had in a very long time, knowing they are safe, is the absolute very best part of fostering. Second best is getting updates from adopters on how loved each dog is living their best life with a new family.

Q: What would you tell someone who is considering adopting a dog?

Von Wihl: Look beyond the breed and select a furry new best pal with a personality that best fits into your lifestyle. It’s the best way to ensure that both dog and human(s) will be happy together for years to come.

Q: If someone cannot adopt right now, what can they do to help celebrate Adopt a Shelter Dog Day?

Von Wihl: Celebrate by sharing photos on social media of your own adopted pet or photos of pets in need of homes. Ensure that your current pet has an updated ID tag and microchip. If they are lost, they can be identified and make it back home safely. A great way to participate is also to donate or look into volunteering at your local shelter or rescue.
Small puppy being pet by a volunteer worker
You can visit websites such as to find adoptable dogs near you. When you create a Pet Finder profile, they have you answer a few short questions about your lifestyle.

Once you answer the questions, they send you profiles of local dogs in shelters that best fit your lifestyle.

Don’t forget that your dog will still need some time transitioning to their new home! To help ease anxiety, check out Snuggle Puppy! Interested in learning more about Snuggle Puppy? Visit our website and check out How Snuggle Puppy Can Help Your Older Dog.