On a cold blustery December night in Michigan, Puff the cat was in the woods fending for her life. On this night, temperatures had a wind chill of below 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Puff found her way to a nearby patio in Michigan and was found by her soon-to-be adopted parents.

Puff’s parents took her to their apartment and gave her plenty of water, food, and a cozy place to sleep. She had a lot of anxiety and continued to shiver for a few days. Cats, especially kittens, have a hard time regulating their body temperature. If their body temperature is too low, they won’t be able to absorb the vitamins in their food and may become malnourished.

Cat Curled Up With Snuggle Kitty

Because of Puff’s past trauma, she was introduced to  Snuggle Kitty. When Puff met Snuggle Kitty, they immediately became best friends. She sleeps by its side and cuddles with it all day and night.

Snuggle Kitty mimics the warmth of a mother and includes a Real-Feel Heartbeat. For a kitten who has been abandoned, Snuggle Kitty plays into their natural instinct and comforts them when they don’t have their littermates and mother to snuggle with.

When it comes to rescuing a kitten or cat, there are a few things to remember.

Talk to your neighbors and make sure the cat isn’t lost

Things happen, and it’s important to take the time to reunite a lost cat with their owners. You can contact your local shelter and describe the missing cat to see if anyone reported one similar.

If you determine that the cat is abandoned or a stray, make a vet appointment right away

When it comes to adopting an abandoned cat, especially one found in cold temperatures, it is important to take them to the vet. Your new furry friend will most likely need shots to keep them safe and healthy.

Give your cat or kitten the proper food and water

For kittens, never give them cow’s milk. Most local pet stores will have a milk substitute that is easier for them to digest and will provide the right nutrients. For a young or adult cat, canned or dry food will work. Always check with your vet before introducing food to your new furry family member.

For more information on caring for abandoned kittens or cats, visit the ASPA’s website. Interested in learning how Snuggle Kitty and Snuggle Puppy help other orphaned animals, check out Brody the bear’s story and read up on ‘How to Comfort Kittens Who Have Been Abandoned’.