The Snuggle Puppy has been helping animals of all kinds for 22 years and counting. Many people know the Snuggle Puppy for its ability to naturally calm anxiety but that is just one of the many ways this great product can help your pet. Here’s 5 ways the Snuggle Puppy helps animals of all shapes and sizes.

Reducing Anxiety

We will start off with the most well-known advantage of the Snuggle Puppy! Calming your pet naturally is a great alternative to using medication, especially if they do not take well to medication in general. The Snuggle Puppy comes with a heat-pack and “real-feel” heartbeat that creates the warmth and feeling for a perfect snuggle. Whether your pet is nervous being alone, or something is causing them anxiety like fireworks/thunderstorms, etc., the Snuggle Puppy is great for reducing their anxiety.

Puppy Laying With Snuggle Puppy

Transitioning Home from Mom

When you bring a new pet home, especially a younger pet, it is completely natural for them to be nervous. They have been with their mother/litter mates since birth and typically in the same environment, then they are pulled out and brought into a new home without any of their familiar surroundings or loved ones. They may be nervous and scared without their mother. The Snuggle Puppy does a great job mimicking the feeling of having them around. A great tip, if you can, is to drop off the Snuggle Puppy with their mother and littermates before you pick up your new furry family member. The familiar smell of their brothers and sisters will help make their transition to your home even smoother.

Two Puppies Sleeping With Snuggle Puppy

Crate Training

If you are deciding to crate train your new furry family member, the Snuggle Puppy is a great addition to the crate to create comfort! Many dogs view their crate as a “safe place” for them. The Snuggle Puppy becomes a part of that feeling and even grows to become a part of their everyday life.

Puppy Laying With Snuggle Puppy In Dog Crate

Losing a Companion

Animals grieve the loss of another pet just like humans. If one of your pets lived their entire life with another companion, they may feel lost or anxious without them around. Getting them a Snuggle Kitty or Snuggle Puppy can help comfort them through this difficult time.

Cat Laying With Snuggle Kitty

Fostering Wildlife Baby Animals

Aside from helping many cats and dogs, the Snuggle Puppy provides comfort to many different animals and here are just a few. Peggy from the Wildlife Baby Room uses our products to help comfort many wildlife babies, including minx, opossums, flying squirrels, bats, weasels and more! Shelters and zoos from all around the country reach out to us with amazing stories on how our product has helped with bottle feeding, comforting orphaned animals, and helping to ease their anxiety.

Group Of Possums Laying With Snuggle Puppy