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According to the ASPCA, senior dogs have an adoption rate of 25% as compared to 60% for younger dogs and puppies. Thinking about adding a new dog to your household?

Old Man Sitting With Dog On Bench

There are countless reasons to consider adopting a senior pet. Here are 5:

  1. You are saving their life with the commitment you made by rescuing them
  2. If you don’t live an active lifestyle, an older dog might be the perfect fit for you
  3. They instantly become a great companion
  4. An older pet is usually trained and less demanding than that of their younger counterparts
  5. They add joy to your life as you add to theirs!

Family Petting Dog

You can visit websites such as to find senior dogs near you. When you create a Pet Finder profile, they have you answer a few short questions about your lifestyle. Once you answer the questions, they send you profiles of local dogs in shelters that best fit your lifestyle.

Don’t forget that a senior dog will still need some time transitioning to their new home! To help ease anxiety, check out Snuggle Puppy! Senior dog’s bodies cannot handle activity the same way that they did when they were puppies. Like humans, dogs can experience anxiety from body aches and pains. Interested in learning more about Snuggle Puppy? Visit our website and check out How Snuggle Puppy Can Help Your Older Dog.