We know loud thunder and bright lightning can be intimidating to many dogs out there so if your puppy won’t stop crying during a thunderstorm, we have some great tips that will help them out!

Scared Puppy Hiding Under Couch

Create Calmness For Your Dog

The best way to help your dog if they are crying during a storm is to create a safe place for them, whether that be their crate or a specific area in the house. Our Snuggle Puppy is a great, natural way to calm your dog’s anxiety and stop them from crying. This product includes a heat pack for warmth, and a “real-feel” heartbeat to ease their fear. Your dog can snuggle with it to help them through the storm and to stop crying!

Bring Your Dog Indoors

This may seem like common sense but make sure your dog is indoors during a storm! The thunder can sound much louder outside as well as the lightning being much brighter. Your dog would much rather be inside with you instead of alone outside! If they love the outdoors and don’t seem to be interested in coming into the house, you can bribe them with a special treat or their favorite toy to reward them coming inside.

Distract Your Dog

Play your dog’s favorite game of fetch or tug-of-war to help them stay busy during a storm instead of hiding and feeling scared. Playing with your dog will also tire them out and hopefully, they will fall asleep after which would be a bonus! They can sleep through the storm instead of crying the whole time.

We hope these tips help your dog to stop crying through a thunderstorm and feel much happier instead!