Snuggle Puppy HERO™

When a child is anxious or overwhelmed, the world can feel like a big, lonely, and sometimes scary place. Snuggle Puppy HERO comes to the rescue with special features designed to comfort and calm children no matter where their adventures take them!

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From Snuggle Puppy to
Snuggle Puppy HERO

For over 25 years, we’ve seen Snuggle Puppy work with dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, and even bears! We’ve helped millions of animals around the world and receive incredible stories about the impact Snuggle Puppy has made on our four-legged friends.

Over the years, we’ve received numerous stories of Snuggle Puppy helping people too. We’ve heard how people with anxiety, dementia patients, veterans with PTSD, stroke survivors, and the elderly have found comfort and companionship with Snuggle Puppy.

Original VS New Snuggle Puppy HERO

One thing remains consistent, the powerful stories of Snuggle Puppy helping kids. 6-year-old Zeke rarely slept, and when he did, it was only for a few hours at a time. His mom tried many things to help him, but nothing seemed to work. One night, Zeke took his pet’s Snuggle Puppy to bed, and he slept through the ENTIRE night for the first time!

We realized Snuggle Puppy could benefit other children and Snuggle Puppy HERO took flight! We’re proud Snuggle Puppy has grown into a product that is helping kids.

"I work with a 5th grader at an elementary school. Her mother has been incarcerated off and on for most of her life. She keeps a picture of her mom at school with her. The picture of her mother was ripped somehow. She was inconsolable. Snuggle Puppy was in my office, and she went right to the puppy. She sat for a while holding the heartbeat Puppy and the picture to her heart. When she looked up, she had tears running down her cheek and when she spoke she was calm. She said, “I’m feeling better.” Thank you for donating the puppies."

-Genevieve Morris, LPC Suicide Prevention Specialist, Mesa County Valley School District

The Snuggle Puppy HERO™ Product Details

HERO in Retail Packaging

Snuggle Puppy HERO Retail Packaging
Soothing heartbeat

Soothing heartbeat

Designed for calming sensory play and rest AAA batteries included

Boy Hugging HERO

A comforting friend to save the day during stressful times

Snuggle Puppy HERO is designed to help settle kids during or after school, at doctor’s appointments, while traveling, working on homework, and more

A guardian for restful sleep

A guardian for restful sleep

Snuggle Puppy HERO is designed to help children fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

Tactile cape

Silicone corners for fidgeting or chewing encourage sensory exploration

Snuggle Puppy Is Proven to Help Children!

An informal case study was conducted to confirm whether the Snuggle Puppy HERO concept works. Here’s what we did:

• 152 members of a Facebook group were invited to join the Snuggle Puppy Research team to test the effectiveness of Snuggle Puppy in helping children with general anxiety symptoms.

• Samples of Snuggle Puppy were sent to all participants to test the effectiveness of the Snuggle Puppy HERO concept.

"Okay... PLEASE don’t think I’m crazy, but I wanted to let you know your Snuggle Puppies work REALLY well with autistic children, sensory processing children, and children with AD/HD. Can you guys please help me get the word out? Parents of children with special needs need all the help they can get!"

- Alyson Terry, Zeke’s Mom

Check Out These Amazing Results

How long did you use the Snuggle Puppy
before you realized a benefit?

75% saw a benefit within 48 hours! wow!

How beneficial was Snuggle Puppy
for your family?

78% reported above average experience!

Check Out These Great Success Stories!

Laura H

“Calvin’s Snuggle Puppy has helped him with the aftermath of an anxiety attack at the library, he stepped out of his comfort zone and joined a multi-age club, and it continues to help with covid stress. ”
-Laura H.

Kit Bush

“I think we may have to get another snuggle puppy! I also may have caught my husband (who has his own anxiety and some medical stuff going on) snuggling it too! ”
-Kit B..

Amy C

“My daughter uses her Snuggle Puppy when we are in high stress situations. If she knows we have to go to the Doctor or hospital we bring him along.”
-Amy C..

How Has Snuggle Puppy Helped Children?

Boy with Hero

"My son is consistently sleeping through the night for the first time in his whole life. Our family doesn’t know how to function with all this extra sleep!"

Hero on boy head

Snuggle Puppy has helped settle kids after school, during doctors appointments, and during homework.

Boy playing with HERO

This child was able to calmly participate in his Zoom class today.

We’ve Proven Your Customers Will Purchase HERO Over Other Related Products In Your Store!

We hired a top-notch design and research agency to compare HERO to other products in your store.

This particular agency specializes in testing the customer buying experience and how consumers narrow choices to make their final purchase decision.

After several rounds of testing various creative and messaging options, we came up with a clear winner but one more test was needed.

The goal of the last test was to determine whether the final design concept will lead to the highest sales performance in market.

462 parents of children were asked to give their thoughts on the product, and here are the results!


Snuggle Puppy HERO Is the Clear Winner for Purchase Intention Compared to Other Products!

If you’re bringing HERO into your lineup, you want to make sure it sells. Our testing shows the package will draw attention, and it will sell over other products.

HERO is a unique product that will stand out on the shelf or in your E-commerce platform.

What did parents prefer about
Snuggle Puppy compared to the other products?

"The simulated heartbeat is a big plus. Beyond that, a puppy seems more comforting and this one is inviting. The alternative just seems plain."
"I feel the Snuggle Puppy HERO has more eye-catching appeal because of the bright colors. It also has much more sensory options to comfort a child."
"Because it has a real heartbeat and it is huggable. And it is a puppy."

Available Accessories

HERO Super Hideout Pillowcase

  • Ensures Snuggle Puppy HERO will always be nearby when your child wakes up at night
  • Encourages cuddling of HERO while in pillow
  • Available in 5 colors!

HERO Super Cape

  • Variety of colors allow your child to customize their HERO!
  • Encourages sensory exploration

Snuggle Puppy HERO
Product Specifications

Hero Dimensions

Weight in packaging: 1 lb. 6 0z   ●   Inner Pack Quantity: 4     ●     Case Pack Quantity: 16

Weight in packaging: 1 lb. 6 0z
Inner pack quantity: 4
Case pack quantity: 16

Hero Dimensions

Plush weight: 8.2 oz   ●   Plush weight + heart + batteries: 9.7 oz

Plush weight: 8.2 oz
Total product weight: 9.7 oz

Snuggle Puppy HERO plush is 100% polyester material. Snuggle Puppy HERO Cape is 100% cotton material with two silicone pieces on each side.

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