The Solution for An Anxious Pet

Original Snuggle Puppy®

Whether they're new to the family or just going through a tough time. Snuggle Puppy will cuddle and comfort your four-legged fur baby! Naturally calms by mimicking a warm, comfortable, furry best friend.
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Wondering if you're properly prepared to bring your new best buddy home? Check out our bundles and kits for everything you need to start your new pup off right at a great value! Get more tail wags for your buck with Snuggle Puppy.
The Next Generation of Snuggle Puppy

Snuggle Puppy® PLUS

Introducing Snuggle Puppy PLUS, featuring a one-of-a-kind SmartBeat™ Heart that’s so simple to use your dog turns it on/off on their own and all new breeds!
Start your pup off right

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Give your puppy the best start in life at a GREAT price with our new bundle options - from supplement 2-packs to full Welcome Home kits! Snuggle Puppy and Puppy Bites supplements are the ultimate combo.
Used by cat rescues worldwide

Snuggle Kitty

Your kitten will drift right off to dreamland after cuddling up with this Tan Tiger Snuggle Kitty. The Snuggle Kitty recreates the intimacy of a mother cat with physical warmth and a Real-Feel Heartbeat®. The result is a calmer, more peaceful pet!

The Original Real-Feel Heartbeat® Technology

For over 25 years, Snuggle Puppy® has been the go-to, all natural answer for your anxious pet. Snuggle Puppy HERO® is now landing - ready to give comforting hugs to people, too! Our exclusive Real-Feel Heartbeat® is what makes all the difference.

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Snuggle Puppy with two dogs Snuggle Puppy with two dogs
Heartbeat Anxiety Relief Dog Toy

The Original Snuggle Puppy®

  • Helps puppies sleep through the night
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Comes with Real-Feel Heartbeat® and heat pack
  • Great for crate training or other stressful events
  • Helps pets transition to their new fur-ever home
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Snuggle Puppy with two dogs Snuggle Puppy with two dogs

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Hudson doesn't really care about toys. He has about 20 different stuffed animals we've accumulated over the years, but he only plays and cuddles with one - his Snuggle Puppy.


With a pulsing heart and a heat pack, your dog can snuggle up next to this toy for some additional comfort.


Inspired by how puppies are soothed by the presence of their
mother, the Snuggle Puppy simulates a heartbeat and emits physical warmth so dogs don't feel alone.


This Snuggle Puppy provides comfort and makes sure your pup
never feels alone, especially while crate training.


Product-wise, I've pulled out my trusty Snuggle Puppy, a product I generally suggest to new puppy and kitten owners transitioning their pets to their new home -- it's a stuffed animal with a heating pad and heart-beat ticker that feels like Mom.


Crate training dogs isn't always easy. Getting your pet to adjust to their new home may take some time, so why not make it as comfortable as possible?

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Saved our sanity and restored our slumber! Puppy went from screaming to sleeping in 5 minutes. 3 months later, she still loves it, although we don't use the heartbeat anymore. Highly recommend!!
Teri T.
Amazing!! Must buy!! Brought home our new Havanese puppy yesterday! He loves it!! Barely cried slept 4 hours straight!! He is only 8 weeks old!!!! A must have for new puppy owners!!!
Adriana A.
This is our second snuggle puppy. Our 1 year old Havanese still loves her puppy and still sleeps with it every night. We're about to get another dog and have purchased another one for them. It is a must have for bringing a new puppy home!!
Sarah N.
My pup was separated from her mother way too early and has crazy separation anxiety. I opened this as soon as I got it and she instantaneously passed out on top of it. Already know it was a good purchase
Ash M.
This snuggle puppy is astonishingly amazing! We had the breeder rub it on her mother (like other reviewers said). It was incredibly calming and she was pretty quiet all the way home.
Laura C.
This puppy has been a life-saver for my 17-year-old Chihuahua! I purchased this "friend" to keep him company. My dog took to it right away! He sleeps much more and is always snuggled up to it. He has another stuffed animal with him, but has taken to the Snuggle Pup more because of the beating heart.
Adele R.